Speech Therapy

old woman reading a bookWe understand how important it is for patients to be able to communicate clearly. Communication is vital for the social and emotional aspects of a person. Our patients don’t only want to talk clearly but also want to be understood. Our licensed speech therapists improve the lives of these patients by increasing their self-esteem and by bringing back their confidence.

Speech Therapy covers:

  • Assess the overall condition of the patient
  • Ensures the patient is treated or safe from swallowing disorders
  • Monitors the progress of the therapy and documents it
  • Speaks with patient slowly and clearly
  • Provide an individualize care plan for the patient
  • Determine the level of speech difficulty
  • Identify the right treatment for the patient
  • Educate patients about sign language and other communication methods

There are different factors that can cause speech disabilities. To know what these factors are, you can contact us at 805-620-0772 for more details about it. We can also discuss the applicable therapy or treatment based on your health conditions.